Huawei LUNA2000-21-S1 360V 21kWh + Power Module BMS Lithium Battery

Huawei LUNA2000-21-S1 360V 21kWh + Power Module BMS High Voltage Lithium Battery

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Huawei LUNA2000-21-S1 360V 21kWh + Power Module BMS High Voltage Lithium Battery for single-phase and three-phase self-consumption systems with HUAWEI inverter, equipped with cells with lithium ferrophosphate (LiFePO4) technology, can be wall or surface mounted, 590x255x1230mm, 216kg.

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Huawei LUNA2000-21-S1 360V 21kWh High Voltage Lithium Battery

The LUNA2000 21 kWh lithium battery from the manufacturer HUAWEI is a modular battery for single-phase and three-phase self-consumption systems with HUAWEI inverters. This module has 21 kWh of useful energy and requires the BMS (Battery Management System) not included to function as an interface with the inverter to which it is connected.

Unparalleled performance and silence
The separate temperature control system, thanks to the insulating material, ensures that the cells and energy optimizers work reliably in the hot and cold compartments respectively, shielding them from excessive heat and eliminating the need for a noisy fan. Quiet operation at 29 dB ensures peace of mind.

The fastest charging you can imagine
Independent management at the module level allows fast charging at 3.5 kW for each battery module and a maximum input and output power of 10.5 kW for each energy storage system. An improvement regarding performance and efficiency.

Water protection
The improved IP66 water protection rating allows for maximum safety even at an underwater depth of 40cm for 72 hours*, better managing floods, rain and melting snow.

High resistance to impacts and crushing
The high-strength cabinet resists up to 5T of pressure, and is sturdy enough to withstand even an external crush or an unexpected impact inside a garage. It's great both inside and out.

Cell level management
Real-time temperature management with 4 sensors per 8 cells ensures a 4x increase in accuracy, for stable operation and active protection, thanks to instant analysis of battery data and 24/7 pre-alarm on 7.

Protection thanks to active pressure release
Active pressure release technology is advanced emergency protection to reduce oxygen concentration and eliminate combustion sources for fire prevention, safeguarding the solar energy storage system from the first second of use.

Simple installation
Thinking of our installers, we have made the use of communication or power cables unnecessary: just attach the battery modules. Intelligent door detection with internal temperature sensors saves effort and cuts installation time in half.

One-step commissioning
Installers need just a few clicks to complete the installation and start commissioning in virtually one step. The FusionSolar app is the most hands-on wizard for implementing your entire system.

Technical data:Performance
Power module: LUNA2000-10KW-C1;
Number of power modules: 1;
Battery module: LUNA2000-7-E1;
Battery module energy: 6.9 kWh;
Number of battery modules: 3;
Battery usable energy: 20.7 kWh;
Max. charging & discharging power: 10.5 kW;
Operating voltage range (single-phase system): 350 ~ 560 V;
Operating voltage range (three phase system): 600 ~ 980 V.
Display: SOC status indicator, LED indicator;
Communication: RS485/FE/CAN.
General Specification
Dimensions (WxDxH): 590x255x1230 mm;
Weight (Floor stand toolkit included): 216 kg;
Power module dimension (WxDxH): 590x255x150 mm;
Power module weight: 10 kg
Battery module dimensions (WxDxH): 590x255x360 mm;
Battery module weight: 68 kg (110.2 lb);
Installation: Floor stand (standard), Wall mount (optional);
Operating temperature: –20°C to +55°C (–4°F to +131°F);
Max. operating altitude: 4,000 m (13,123 ft.) (Derating above 2,000 m);
Environment: Outdoor / Indoor;
Relative humidity: 5% ~ 95%;
Cooling: Natural convection;
IP rating: IP 66;
Noise emission: < 29 dB;
Cell technology: Lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4);
Scalability: Max. 4 systems in parallel operation;
Compatible inverters: SUN2000-2/3/3.68/4/4.6/5/6KTL-L1, SUN2000-8/10K-LC0, SUN2000-3/4/5/6/8/10KTL-M1, SUN2000-12/15/17/20/25K-MB0.
Standards Compliance (More Available Upon Request)
Certificates: CE, RCM, CEC, VDE2510-50, IEC62619, IEC 60730, UN38.3, ISO13849, REACH, RoHS.
Ordering and Deliverable Part
Available for ordering: LUNA2000-7-E1, LUNA2000-10KW-C1, Wall Mounting Bracket for LUNA2000-7/14/21-S1.

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