Huawei SUN2000-17 K-MB0 17kW 25500Wp Three-phase Hybrid Inverter

Huawei SUN2000-17 K-MB0 17kW 25500Wp Three-phase Hybrid Inverter

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Huawei SUN2000-17 K-MB0 Three-Phase Hybrid Inverter 17kW with PV power 25500Wp, nominal power 17000W, max efficiency 98.4%, suitable for the direct use of the energy generated, reintroduced into the grid and, if necessary, stored in batteries. compliant with CEI 0-21 and CEI 0-16 regulations.

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Huawei SUN2000-17 K-MB0 17kW 25500Wp Three-phase Hybrid Inverter

The Huawei SUN2000-17K MB0 inverter was developed to meet the growing needs for efficiency and intelligent management of photovoltaic systems. Designed to maximize efficiency in C&I installations, the MB0 inverter expands the range of three-phase hybrid solutions, raising the maximum threshold from 10 kW to 25 kW. This option offers users the ability to manage larger storage systems with a single unit, optimizing installation costs and complexity.
Huawei SUN2000 17K-MB0 is the new three-phase hybrid inverter with 17 kW of power. High yields can be achieved thanks to the maximum efficiency of 98.4% (European efficiency of 98.1%). These inverters make monitoring faster and support new power optimizers.
The Huawei Sun2000-17K-MB0 inverters are suitable for the direct use of the energy generated, reintroduced into the grid and, if necessary, stored in batteries.
The three-phase hybrid Huawei inverter has built-in WLAN capabilities. Optional is the addition of a dongle for connection via mobile network (Huawei Smart Dongle 4G) or via cabling (Huawei Smart Dongle WLAN FE). The inverter also features so-called Module Level Monitoring, with which the photovoltaic modules can be monitored individually.
The Huawei 17K-MB0 photovoltaic inverter is well protected against external influences with an IP66 protection rating. Natural convection provides cooling. It also features internal lightning protection on both the DC and AC sides, as well as protection against arc flash faults.
The Huawei MB0 inverter is CEI 0-21 and CEI 0-16 certified, making it extremely versatile for different photovoltaic systems.
This product features a DC input with 2 MPPTs and 4 total DC inputs. The maximum input current of 30A for each MPPT allows you to design the photovoltaic system even with modules with very high currents, without any loss of production.
Furthermore, it is possible to install up to 3 MB0 inverter units on the same system, managing to achieve excellent storage capacities even on C&I systems.

Active security - Active arcing protection
Battery ready - 2 battery terminals, compatible with LUNA2000-S0 and S1
Higher yield - Up to 30% more energy thanks to optimizer

Technical data:
- Maximum efficiency: 98.4%;
- European Weighted Efficiency: 98.1%
PV string input data
- Max recommended input power: 25,500 Wp;
- Max input voltage: 1,100V;
- Max input current per MPPT: 30 A (two strings) / 20 A (single string);
- Max. short-circuit current: 40 A;
- Start-up voltage: 200 V;
- MPPT operating voltage range: 200 ~ 1,000 V;
- Full-load MPPT voltage range: 440 ~ 800 V;
- Rated input voltage: 600V;
- Max N° of inputs: 4;
- N° of MPP trackers: 2.
Smart String Energy Storage System Terminal
- Compatible Smart String ESS: LUNA2000-5/10/15-S0, LUNA2000-7/14/21-S1 (Available from30/11/2023);
- Number of terminals: 2;
- Max. charging power: 21 kW (Single string) / 25 kW (Two strings);
- Max. discharging power: 18.7 kW;
- Max. operating current: 26.25 A (per string);
- Operating voltage range: 600 V ~ 980 V.
Output data
- Rated output power: 17,000 W;
- Max. apparent power: 18,700 VA;
- Max. active power (cosφ= 1): 18,700 W;
- Rated output voltage: 220Vac/380Vac, 230Vac/400Vac, 240Vac/415Vac; 3W/N+PE;
- Rated output current: 25.8 A / 380 Vac, 24.5 A / 400 Vac, 23.7 A / 415 Vac;
- Max. output current: 28.6 A / 380 Vac, 27.1 A / 400 Vac, 26.1 A / 415 Vac;
- Rated AC grid frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz;
- Adjustable power factor: 0.8 leading ... 0.8 lagging;
- Max. total harmonic distortion: < 3 %.
General data
- Temperature range Operating: -25 ~ +60°C (-13 ~ 140°F);
- Operating relative humidity: 0 ~ 100 % RH;
- Operating altitude: 4,000m (13.123 ft) (Derating above 2000 m);
- Cooling: Smart air cooling;
- Display: LED indicators; Built-in WLAN + FusionSolar App;
- Communication: RS485, WLAN/Ethernet via Smart Dongle-WLAN-FE (Optional), 4G / 3G / 2G via Smart Dongle-4G (Optional); EMMA (Optional; available from 30/11/2023);
- Weight (with mounting bracket): 21 kg;
- Dimensions (with mounting bracket): 546x460x228 mm (21.5x18.1x9.0 inch);
- Degree of protection: IP66;
- Compatible Optimizer: SUN2000-450W-P2, SUN2000-600W-P, MERC-1100W-P, MERC-1300W-P;
- Certificates: EN/IEC62109-1, EN/IEC62109-2;
- Grid connection standard: IEC61727, IEC62116, IEC61683, EN50530, ABNT NBR 16149/16150, MEA/PEA, G99, IRR-DCC-MV/IRR-TIC, Philippine Grid Code Resolution No. 07, NRS 097-2-1, EN50549-1, VDE4105, UTE15-712-1/VFR 2019, UNE217002, NTS631, RD244(UNE217001), PPDS, ROGA, TOR Erzeuger, CEI 0-21:2020-12 V1, CEI-016, C10/C11, EN50549-2, VDE4110

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