Goodwe LYNX HOME F Plus+ 9.83kWh Module BMS Lithium Battery

Goodwe LYNX HOME F Plus+ 9.83kWh Power Module BMS High Voltage Lithium Battery

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Goodwe LYNX HOME F Plus+ LX F9.8-H 9.83 kWh High Voltage Battery System for smart energy management and back-up optimisationis a perfect match for residential solar systems, 600×765×380mm, 158kg.

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Goodwe LYNX HOME F Plus+ LX F9.8-H 9.83kWh Power Module BMS High Voltage Lithium Battery

Ideal for smart energy management and back-up optimisation, high-voltage (HV) battery system Lynx Home F PLUS+ is a perfect match for residential solar systems. The stackable, self-detecting battery modules make the system especially easy to install, while the reliable lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cell technology ensures maximum safety. Lynx Home F PLUS+ offers a wide capacity range from 6.6kWh to 16.4kWh, is compliant to the advanced battery safety standard VDE 2510-50 and is compatible with GoodWe BH/EH/BT/ET inverters.

• Reliable LFP battery cell
• Up to 8 towers in parallel (131kWh)
• Remote diagnosis and update via inverter

Maximised Power Back-up
Wide capacity range, scalable from 6.6 – 16.4 kWh. Compatible with GoodWe's single and three phase, hybrid and retrofit BH/EH/BT/ET inverters.
Flexible capacity and stackable modules
High battery cycle stability

Highest Safety Standards
Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries are reliable and safe to use due to high chemical and thermal stability. Going beyong typical safety standards for lithium batteries, the system is compliant to the advanced battery safety standard VDE 2510-50.
Reliable LFP battery cell
IP55 for both indoor and outdoor installation

Technical data:
- Usable Energy: 9.83 kWh;
- Battery module: LX F3.3-H: 102.4V 3.27 kWh;
- Number of modules: 3;
- Cell type: LFP (LiFePO4);
- Cell configuration: 96S1P;
- Nominal voltage: 307.2 V;
- Operating voltage range: 273.6 ~ 345.6 V;
- Nominal charge/discharge current: 25 A;
- Nominal power: 7.68 kW;
- Short circuit current: 2.62kA@1.62ms;
- Operating temperature range: Charge: 0 ~ +50 °C/ Discharge: -20 ~ +50 °C;
- Relative humidity: 0 ~ 95%;
- Maximum operating altitude: 2000 m;
- Communication: CAN;
- Weight: 158 kg;
- Dimensions (W×H×D): 600×765×380 mm;
- Ingress Protection Rating: IP55;
- Storage temperature: -20 ~ +45 °C (≤one month); 0 ~ +35°C (≤one year);
- Mounting Methed: Grounded;
- Round trip efficiency: 96.4%;
- Life cycle: ≥3500@1C / 1C.
Standards and certifications
- Safety: IEC62619, IEC62040, VDE2510-50, CEC, CE;
- Transport: UN38.3

Kit made up of:
- 3x Lynx Home F storage module batteries
- 1x BMS Lynx Home F BCU

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